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How do we kill ObamaCare?

by Frustrated Freedom Fighters on 10/07/13

How do we kill ObamaCare? We have a stalemate because the Senate refuses to vote on anything but a clean Continuing Resolution (CR). Who are the winners and losers in this stalemate at this time?... I have no clue. So the question then becomes how do we break the stalemate but achieve our goal? The Senate Democrats and crazy McCain says they will not be blackmailed. We all know this is B.S. because the House is just doing its job... however we are still at a stalemate. Either an agreement will be reached or someone will cave. If recent history is any indication it will be the McCains of the Republican party and we will lose all. I think the proposal below either greatly strengthens their position in this stalemate and/or ultimately ends ObamaCare. SOLUTION: Provide the Senate with a clean CR with no cuts in anything, but part of the clean CR is a national referendum on ObamaCare. In 13-months we get to vote to keep it or repeal, it in its entirety. If the Senate Democrats and crazy McCain refuse to fund the government because they don't want the people to have a say in this matter, no amount of Main Stream Media lies can bail them out and they will be decimated in the 2014 elections. If they do agree then we have to hold our nose for 13-months. What will be the outcome of the referendum? Your guess is as good as mine but at least we'll have our voice heard. The percentage of citizens against ObamaCare increases daily and if brought to a vote in a referendum it would even overwhelm the Democrats voter fraud machine and potentially lead to a lot of conservatives being elected. I'm calling my elected leaders with this proposal. If you like it do the same and forward to everyone. Stay the course

 Mike Sandefur

 God gave you life. Our founding fathers gave you liberty. That's all you get. Everything else has to be earned.

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